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SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Of all the technologies brought to us in the age of the internet perhaps the one we take most for granted is e-mail. E-mail truely did change the way that the world communicates and perhaps testiment to its success is that fact that the e-mail mechanism hasn't changed much from the very earliest days, SMTP still rules!

In order to send e-mail messages we still need to use an SMTP server. 99% of all e-mail programs needs the details of an SMTP relay server in order to function, but it is this information which can sometimes be the hardest to find. Various ISPs and other e-mail providers seem determined to hide their SMTP server details as far away from visible sight as possible and whilst not a big deal when you're working from your home computer the need to have those server details when you're traveling can be the difference between being able to send e-mails and not being able to send e-mails. SMTP is a simple protocol but one on which we rely on a lot.

In order to make life easier for e-mail users we have compiled a list of SMTP servers for various e-mail services (a random sample of which are showing). Simply search using the box below and we'll show you the last working SMTP server we have for that ISP/E-Mail provider.


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E-mail Service SMTP Server Notes
novis (portugal)
Cable One
wanadoo EspaƱa
Cox - Central
Telecom ADSL (Business)
Chariot Netconnect
Terra - BR

Can't Find The Server You're Looking For? Open relays are now a thing of the past so if you can't find the SMTP server for the service you use then you'll need authenticated details to use another server. We recommend SMTP2Go, simply because by working across multiple ports it is guaranteed to work no matter what ISP you use.